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How Will ThriveTruth Benefit You?

Welcome to the original Christian ministry that also helps people profoundly to get their goals, teaches/trains others to do this professionally, and often brings people (back to) Faith.


This is the first website of its kind in the world.

You might have noticed that nowadays is a time where people are either going to suffer the pain and consequences of worry, or enjoy the fruits of trust in themselves and a better time ahead.

The way of the world right now is simply separating the wheat from the chaff... the misled contented and mediocre from the actualized, awakened, and excellent!

Even businesses are being held to significanlty higher standards. Just the same as with personal goals, corporate product- and service-oriented businesses are expected to care more deeply, be much more sincere in what they are delivering, and give back to the world and community in a way that is congruent with their goals.

You might have concerns, these days, about things like:
• The economy and recession
• Putting your kids through school
• Gas prices
• Your own job security
• Personal control over habits or emotions
• Your personal life and dreams of a better you
• Your family
• The United States involvement abroad
• Simply - absolute confusion over what to do and what not to do next
• Etc., Etc.

ThriveTruth delivers to you the exact secrets you need to survive and thrive in these current times.

Even in better economic climates, surely there are things you want to change about your life - things you've always wanted to become or do.

Here are the tools that are invaluable in order to create the life you truly want!

People the world over are suffering the epidemics of:
• entitlement mentality, flippancy, and disregard - and, must learn to have real respect in order to thrive
• self-doubt - so, must begin to believe in themselves again
• disconnectedness - must find a way toward sincere caring
• individualism - must find self-acceptance and then self-improvement not the other way around
You can either tell yourself to stick your head in the sand or you can decide to see to doing something positive about it!

"You reap what you sow" - Holy Bible Paul's Letter to the Galatians 6:7

Just imagine that now you simply decide to create your life and make it into what you truly want. ((Forget the many current crises, and)) - and only look forward.

ThriveTruth is designed to give you a direct link to strategies for success and building the life you really want, right now.

ThriveTruth provides you with a network of successful people who are clear enough about doing and living well. This is a time to thrive and prosper, not panic. A time to view a plan for our greater future.

By being a member of, you get access to:
• Tips & Tricks
• Special Reports
• Videos
• Conference Calls
• Webinars (Seminars online)
• Articles
• Forums
• Etc.

As a member you will receive real feedback crucial to your life, from top experts in the field. You will get direct access to a multitude of skills and valuable training that would normally require you to be in-person in the self-improvement Center.

You will also get advanced invitations to special products and events. is the project of renowned hypnotist and life skills expert Chris Halbohm, CHt and is based on his new book in progress based on How to Change Your Life Into What Your Really Want So You Can Thrive.

Author of 'End Worry And Sleep Well', he is known as "The Solutions Guy" and the "Accessible Expert", has made a life's work of possiblilty and potential coupled with sincerity.

He is the founder of the first school of its kind in the world today.

After over a decade of watching instant change happen with his clients at his weight loss, stop smoking, and hypnosis training clinics and those of his colleagues, he decided to bring the techniques to the rest of the world.

These are some of the same strategies used in clinics nationwide, even worldwide, to train people to boost confidence, gain focus and control, reduce stress, and even to sleep better.

Nothing can take the place of real, in-person training and coaching, but we believe that this gives you the best possible solution from abroad - and even some stuff if you're nearby.

Not all information is created equal. There is such a thing as some facts, information, and feedback being superior to others and simply working more in the real world.

You need the competitive edge of only the absolute best, top-notch strategies that exist in the world today. This is it! Guaranteed.

Chris has his finger on the pulse of what you need right now based on what's going on in the world and has many real-results-related, clinically proven tools in store for you.

Some people will fail to take action or will take the wrong actions lead by worry, and they will suffer.

However, some people are already noticing the difference that sincere confidence coupled with accurate, good information gives you!

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