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5 Tips For You To Attain Your Success Goals
Written by Chris Halbohm   
Sunday, 20 November 2011 19:00
In this article, I'm gowing to show you,


5 Tips For You To Attain Your Success Goals

These tips apply to any type of goals. Your goals may include: • Personal goals (like fitness, stop smoking, confidence, etc.) • Relationship communication and intimacy • Business - such as productivity, sales, marketing, customer communication, etc. • And so on... Follow these tips and notice a significant change...

Plan from back to front. Though this is very contrary to popular belief, always start with your overall "ending" outcome, and then build back. You will be deciding on what resources you will need, what action steps you will need to take, and especially what personal maturity you will need to learn or grow through in order to get it.

The full ten-step format for this is found in the book by my mentor Dr. Scott McFall & Stephen Covey, Mission Possible. If you would like, you can call or visit me and you can purchase or borrow it from my library for a time.

Discover respect. Nobody copies or models what they resent. You will need to achieve a personal appreciation for the skill sets as well as the people above you who have already achieved (in one way or another) your stated goal.

Have genuine gratitude and actually bless them - then you may begin your learning "grasshoper" :-)

Learn re-patterning. You must get your autonomic nervous system "cleaned up" in order for you have appropriate associations for your goals and/or success - (and to believe them).

This will include some examples like this:
– In a weight loss program - you feel fuller from less food; & you enjoy your food more while eating less
– In a stop smoking program - you find these ... new ways to deal with stress so that you no longer have the crippling death and need for a cigarette
– For a program on communication skills - you feel secure while recieving feedback
– For reducing stress - you imagine and see the issues of your life as small and managable.

True re-patterning for lasting success includes interrupting your pattern, installing doubt, tearing down your old model of the world, installing respect and wonder, and building the new model.

Develop a real visual goal model. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. Remind yourself regularly to see, hear, and or feel this. If you can't see it yet, then learn how to develop this, because, it is at the heart of your taking action now toward your goals. You know that anyone who is motivated by an exciting picture of a finished product will be likely to take action to the finish.

At the center, we develop your compelling future in this fashion. For more about this, look for our upcoming event, Hypnosis Intensive / Open House, coming soon (after Thanksgiving)!...

Keep 'to do lists'. This can be simple. We don't recommend long lists with to much detail - just enough to keep you focussed. And then cross off each item as you get it done.

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The Tips & Tools You Need To Get Through Tough Times
Written by Chris Halbohm   
Sunday, 22 November 2009 17:55

These days, folks are confused and concerned about what's going on in the world.  That is, of course, those who care.

Caring is yet another conversation.

For the most part, it's fair to say that popular concerns are those of:

•  economy
•  jobs and finances
•  how to get your kids through school

That is enough to worry about, still there are bigger problems:

•  our future
•  quality education - real education for real life skills
•  healthcare and social security
•  what about family values?

This is all not to mention many people's, especially younger ones', dashed expectations of being bigger and better.

Having the life of one's dreams has seemingly certainly taken a backseat.  The American dream, for most, is indeed "on hold".  And, people have traded in their confidence and self-respect for iPods, YouTube mock-stardom, and an overindulgence of freedom of speech.  Just look at how we handle our kids in schools where saying what they want is treated as more important than who it affects.

We have lost our sense of accountability to one another, and our very lives are paying the price.

You see, we need simply to remember a few things.  A weight loss client of mine, many years ago, was in for her, oh, third session, I suppose, and she turned, put her hand on my arm and said, "This is so wonderful.  It's unfortunate that thin people can't go through the experience of becoming thin, like I am."  She was keenly aware of her new experience in a way that to her was fantastic and enjoyable.  Her simple awareness made all the difference.  Sometimes the answer is simpler than we have mistaken it to be.

Here are just a few tips and steps to take to ensure a higher quality life for yourself and your family:

1)  Get clear - Get clear on what you need to do.  Set aside a moment to really look out - using your eyes, not your feelings - to notice what really needs to happen.  Outside of yourself, look, and take in what outcomes truly need to occur.  Then resolve to take the necessary actions to do them.

2)  Get good sleep - You must get rest to become resourceful.  I used to work 18 hours some days - up until 3:00 AM at my office across town, putting mailings together, entering new clients into my database, editing advertisements, and doing God knows what.  Did that really get me anywhere?  Not really.  I could have been much more efficient with my time and energy if I had been clearer about my value and the need to be human and take time off to rest and have fun.  A good suggestion for this would be "For good solutions, I'm resting now".

3)  Keep "To Do" lists -Take the actions you need to in order to affect the changes and outcomes you need to see.  Then cross them off once they're done.  Keep several, for various areas of your life, or keep one main one.  Up to you.  Make sure that you allow for modifications as you notice new things that also need to get done or changes to as you discover better possible outcomes.

4)  Connect with the right people at the right time.  Appreciate the people and resources that you have around you.  Really appreciate, be thankful, and simply notice and enjoy what and who you have.  No matter how small or grand...  to a starving person, even a cracker can be a feast.

5)  Get my End Worry And Sleep Well book...

All for easy download, right now, to your computer, you can get all of this for free.  It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 AM in the morning, go here right now, and get started on a better life for yourself.

You will also get to see what powerful tool (that you will learn!) I used with the meteorologist on TV, in a cool "wild video".


One catch - You have to follow the directions...  These are skills and tools that I have used in my in-person clinics for about a decade.  They are proven techniques that we have used for weight loss, stop smoking, confidence, and stress relief.  The proof is in the results.  Stop smoking client Billie Harwood puts it best, "If I can do this...  Well, I can do anything."

Now, the FTC has changed its rules for whenever you quote clients.  You already know that results may vary.  But, they also make me tell you that typical results can mean that you may do better than Billie, or get no results at all, or anywhere in between - which is actually great with me and with you, because…  It reminds you that you have to do what she did to get the results, which is…..  follow the directions.  Not all information is created equal.

Billie got those results by following my instructions - as simply straightforward as they can be - to the "T".  Out of respect for me - she knew of my success - and out of sincerity for her goal, she listened.  She decided to accept seeing me in the "frame" of her favorite teacher, training her and guiding her through the steps that work.  All you have to do is follow the steps above as I prescribed them and do the same with any material you get from me.  It really is better - and you will prove ti to yourself - if you are sincere.

Also, if you ever become an in-person client or participant in a live seminar, you will have the "good client advantage" I call it.  Go, have fun, grab your free gifts (I don't know when I'll pull the page), and get on with the life you were meant to live.


Go ahead, do it now.

What do you have to lose but your struggles and stress?


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