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Chris Halbohm, CHt - Christian Author, "The Accessible Expert"
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• Changemodels, Faith & Prayer To Get Your Personal Goals
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• Sincerity & Truth For Business Success In The New Business Ethic & Standard
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Chris Halbohm, CHt & Thrive Truth Trainings (
Chris is local Christian author, and 10-year veteran of the self-improvement industry, Chris Halbohm, CHt ("The Accessible Expert" and founder of the first state licensed school for hypnosis of it's kind and Colorado Hypnosis).

The Mission...

The Mission...
• People need other real people and intimacy in the real world - not just phony customer service recordings and false pretenses of email in place of a personal phone call
• Truth - Love, Faith, & Hope - Sincerity ...are essential. Actually caring about your customer (if business) or (if personal goals) the real and genuine purpose behind your goals
• Respect - part of the foundation of all success - Respect of God - Respect of Truth and values; Respect of self (in the right way); Respect of parents and leaders; Respect of other people.

The Hypnosis Center - Colorado Hypnosis is owned and directed by Chris Halbohm, CHt, who's clinics have been the most successful accross the country. His mentor Scott McFall is known for his multiple hypnosis clinics up and down the midwest. The most popular programs are: Lose Weight • Stop Smoking • Reduce Stress • Boost Confidence. We offer a written service guarantee on most programs and a Free Screening to potential clients. Chris is the author of the new book on sincerity, faith, truth, and intimacy for rewarding relationships, success in business, and for your personal goals.

Author and "The Accessible Expert" Chris Halbohm
• Today! 719-590-4077 •


• Do you want a solution for what's going on right now?

• Do you want to fill that thirst for something real and intimate - that thirst that's so deep you even forgot you had it?

• Do you want to know why all the things you've tried haven't worked... and all you want now, really, is to feel safe and believe in something again?

• Then... Listen up... - (Some People Will, Some Won't) - This Guy Has Found What You're Looking For...


Alright... Just Who The Heck Is Chris Halbohm?...


A Note To Other Experts Out There:
You are an expert because of your specific life experience and skill sets. If you've worked hard and invested yourself, then you've earned it. And todays' world is sorely in need of genuine leaders, especially in the improvement arena. People will always try to cut you down to a comodity. Don't let that happen.

Chris Halbohm, CHt, controversial author, grew up in a small suburb in the United States. From when he was young, Chris has been fascinated with laws of the mind - always knowing that there was "something more".

Chris, now known as "the Accessible Expert" for years, had made his life's work of possibility and change.

He has highly trained and been to all of the various kinds of self-help trainings - Eastern, Reiki, NLP, hypnosis, meditative, motivational - you name it - and, so, he has truly seen it all.

Chris is party to authoring several books, including End Worry And Sleep Well and The Trhive Truth...

With Stephen Covey, Best-Selling Author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

But, that's not all that makes Chris the real expert in this field...

Amid several life-altering experiences and also through his intense and demanding training with Scott McFall (a legend in his own time as a clinician and known as the "King of the College Show Circuit), Chris has discovered some of the key components to genuine success and living with real purpose and Truth.

End Worry And Sleep Well

He has created audio products and programs for online access from anywhere in the world...

The Thrive Truth

And still... getting 'there' wasn't all easy...

The Real Keys (Truths) To Chris's Successes And To Yours...

Chris has had a very certain set of life experiences where he has discovered what really matters and the proper way to self-value.

This has helped him to understand (and be able to help) what people in today's world are really going through.

He has learned in a very core way how to deal with the ups and downs of life and why and how they occur and how to head toward a positive direction in a way that lasts.

Having been, himself, through all kinds of personal challenges, he has learned the root cause - and remedy - of them (at least as good as it gets) - and how to truly get your life's goals.

He has:
• Suffered his own challenges, and learned how to appreciate, and has come to (among other things) a particularly high level of a very certain brand of respect.
• Has successfully, individually re-parented clients in litterally thousands upon thousands of client visits,
• Made litterally hundreds of thousands of dollars and has had to start over - creating new business, and

• In 2008 was in a motorcylce accident where an SUV truck made a wrong turn forcing him into its side at 40 Mph.

In a round-about way, that life-changing event taught him the value of humility...


With Stephen Covey, Best-Selling Author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Mission Possible.


End Worry And Sleep Well

He has created audio products and programs for online access from anywhere in the world...

The Thrive Truth


...especially when it comes to achieving your personal goals - and even the success or failure of your business in this, our new, socio-economic world. These Truths are no longer optional... They are requisite.

Now, Chris has found it his life mission to find out and then hone whatever are the key, core principles to success, based in honor - for both personal goals and in business success.

In his discoveries, he warns that these keys will make or break businesses in the current world socio-economic climate and the state of the world to come. Because society and business have now become so inter-related (with the advent of the internet, social networking, and now a very specific kind of social responsibility expected of businesses, people will now automatically only accept those who embrace these key characteristics (Truths) - and will reject those who don't.



Meanwhile, by vocation, Chris, has been a a certified hypnotist for over a decade and has founded several leading-edge hypnosis / weight loss centers with abundant local testimonials due to the fun yet structured, proper presentation of hypnosis. He is also the founder of Carolina Hypnosis Institute, the first school of its kind in the world, today, and Colorado Hypnosis. An ordained minister, he operates these as a Faith-based business.


These centers are some of the most successful in existence and provide real-world experience to both clients and students, with actual hands-on learning.

These centers have proven to be some of the most successful in existence and provide real-world experience to both clients and students, with actual hands-on learning - producing some of the best real and genuine testimonials in the country.

Personal Success, Like Weight Loss & Stop Smoking

Other Areas of Success, Financial, Motivational, & Business, Etc.

“This helped save my company hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
- Sam Y., Automotive V.P.
“Chris gave me the confidence I needed to overcome destructive attitudes that hindered my success. I have better rapport with my prospects. Since training with Chris, I’ve signed 2 new contracts and 3 more new very high-dollar prospects for next year. I would not want my direct competitors to have this information.” - Joan Freeman - Sales Rep

He also owns several online informational systems which people can access to get help in every part of the world.

Chris has appeared on television many times and has been a regular in other media - radio and print / newspapers.

... and has been very involved in his community as a member of Sons of the American Legion, Lions Clubs International, teaching at the local community college, Religious Education, and serving on the Mayor and Council's Citizen Advisory Commission.

As a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, faculty member and presenter for the National Guild of Hypnotists, and co-foudner of the historic International Hypnotism Training Association (IHTA)... (the top organizations for hypnosis in the world), Chris now certifies others to earn executive level income in the high-paying and rewarding profession of hypnosis at his clinics / schools...

...and now lives what he calls an "Adventurous Hypnotist Lifestyle" - martial arts, scuba diving, flying trapeze, or rock climbing, etc.

Chris, skydiving - Sometimes you gotta just go for it...
Skydiving is actually a great way to teach action-taking.

Scott McFall
teaches fire-eating.

Chris's clients and purchasers of his businesses have been multi-millionaires, physicianss and medical students, writers, etc...

You may inquire about Chris's availability for speaking, training, stage performance, or personal coaching services. Please call 719-590-4077 or visit's contact page .



The testimonials shown are specifically the experience of the client in the testimonial. Individuals shown in the testimonials share their personal stories openly and freely and are not compensated. Each individual is different as is each one's individual result. A typical / general client may expect many different types of results including better than, equal to, or possibly no results whatsoever. Individual results vary.

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