Giver: This Is Where You Can Put In A Post That Offers Something Of Value (Large, Small, It Doesn't Matter) That You Are Happy To Give To Someone Who Needs It - Freely.  It Can Be Pretty Much Anything (Within Good Taste, Of Course) - A Service, Item, Idea, Help Of Any Kind, Thoughts, Financial Resources, Attention / Genuine Appreciation, Prayers, Expertise, Education, Any Physical Property, Etc. - You Get The Idea.  -- For contact, you should provide contact information in your post or specify for the person to use your member id.  To "Gift" Something, Just Place It As A Comment Down Below.

Reciever: Simply Look Here To See If There Is Someone Offering What You Think You Need.  Enjoy It Well And Enjoy It Gratefully.  Remember That By Recieving, You Are Also Giving The Other Person The Opportunity To Give.  Still, If You Wish, You Might Also Consider Thinking Of Something That You Can "Give" On This Post Page For Another Reciever Who Needs It.  Also Remember That What You Think You Need (Or Want) Is Not Necessarily What You Truly Need - So Be Very Open To Options.  -- For contact, you should not use the post space - if you do, it will be deleted.  You should use the person's member id or other way they specify.

Purpose: To thrive, we are designed to work...  We are desiigned to work as One...  When we give something - anything at all - we unite ourselves in the idea that 1) We do have it (value of some sort) to give & 2) We promote appreciation (ie. that thing growing in value) by letting others participate in it.  Not some airy-fairy idea at all...  It is simply the way the world is able to continue to revolve.  Enjoy it!


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