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Society and individuals are suffering from obesity. And, charities / non-profits are hungry for the money they need, especially due to the current times. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Charities are about giving. What better way for you to show community give-back than to serve as an example and host this healthy fundraising event!
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Sponsored & Designed By

Non-Profit Veteran & Self-Help Industry Leader

The Slim-A-Thon is sponsored and designed by former non-profit Special Events Coordinator (Development Fund Raiser), local Christian author, and 10-year veteran of the self-improvement industry, Chris Halbohm, CHt ("The Accessible Expert" and founder of the first state licensed school for hypnosis of it's kind and Colorado Hypnosis).

Just like a walk-a-thon, you will raise dollars for each pound your team member drops during the thon.

A Unique & Powerful Event

With this kind of event, you have so many benefits as additional, lasting effects, both physically for your participants and in the minds of pledge sponsors. Even if your charity or non-profit is not heal and wellness related, it makes a strong statement and shows as an excellent example of health and caring about wellbeing to your community. Also, it is certainly an unusual and intriguing kind of event to host.

At the end, there will be a final day (Friday, June 3, 2011 - This is the currently set date - Can be done at any time of the year) when everybody will finish up. An awards dinner-event will be the final crowning event to raise additional dollars from sponsor attendees.

Get To Give Yourself & The Community

FREE Tips & Support To Go Along With The Program

Your team members (and whomever else wants to participate) will recieve weekly 'insight & support' videos online free of charge to you and the public. This serves as an additional step of both free value, to community members, as a gift from you, as well as community awareness for your organization.)

We'll Help You In Every Way To Drive Supporters

Happily working alongside with your development team or staff, we will show you the tools you need to make the best possible profit / money for the event (some of the old-stand by tricks of the trade and some perhaps new ones):

• How to develop your team
• How to get your capital campaign sponsors more involved
• How to involve the surrounding community with a no-cost phone-a-thon connected to the Slim-A-Thon
• Get More PR and community awareness - that lasts throughout the year
• (As we are very savvy on internet marketing) - Learn some of the "ins and outs" of social media, such as Facebook, to promote the event and get more participation than ever before!
• If you wish it, we will even give you on-site public appearance(s) by local expert and event spokesperson Chris Halbohm and related PR pieces




Why Did We Decide To Do This?

• People are seriously needing something new and different in their fundraising "bag of tricks" to keep a financially hurting public interested
• It gives us word-of-mouth awareness as a local small business. Though Chris is a nationally known top trainer in the field, for him to have begun a new practice here at the worst possible time in our economy and with traditional media sinking (newspapers aren't being read much anymore), the appointment book is "as bare as a baby's butt!" - So we need to fill it with public awareness - same as you.
• Since Chris has done fundraising professionally, it comes naturally to do an event like this
• And, simply... It's fun, fun, FUN

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For a sample of the individual team member's pledge form - Click one of the following:

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(Note: Friday, June 3, 2011 is the currently set 'finish-up' and awards dinner date. Can be done at any time of the year.)

For a sample event flyer - for your local dentists/medical/chiropractic offices, wellness centers, massage/spa/sallons, etc. - (can be made to 8 1/2" x 11" or 11" x 17") - Click Here [Coming Soon].

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