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Attention: Doctors, Dental Offices, Chiropractics, Wellness Centers, Etc.

Join Us & Help The Comminity With

Tuesday Night Success Class - FREE

“It’s a blast!” – Mary Bradley

“Entertaining and enlightening!” – Peggy Bierer

"You take control of your own destiny. It has helped my self-confidence grow – I ‘m not afraid to try new things." – Brenda Coen

People Are Suffering

Society and individuals are suffering from obesity, stress, and other unhealthy habits like smoking.

They are in pain and suffering from lack of good communication skills, and even entitlement thinking. Just look at the kids.

And, especially due to the current times, they are desparate for something more. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Medical and wellness centers are about helping their clients. What better way for you to show community give-back than to serve as an example and host this valuable class!

"I lost about 40 lbs… We covered a lot. Now, I will be more aware of the vocabulary... Progressing at a fast pace. I know I will be more involved.” – Tori Barnes

"I gained the confidence to get a better job" - Marty Sutton

This Offering Is For...

• Area Doctors & Medical Offices
• Dental Offices
• Chiropractors
• Other Wellness Or Community Centers

A Special & Powerful Event

With this kind of event, you have lasting effects, both physically and for your participantsin the future.

They get lots and lots of value...

And they remember you for giving it to them.

It makes a strong statement and shows as an excellent example of health and caring about wellbeing to your community. Also, it is certainly an unusual and intriguing kind of event to host.

“So much more than I could have imagined.” – Jane Ward

“I can’t wait to use the techniques!” – Cynthia Tenny

They Will Get...

• Powerful communication skills for rewarding relationships
• Weight loss (or stop smoking, or etc.) goals skills
• Faith, sincerity, intimacy skills, based on Chris's new book
• Much More...

Sponsored & Designed By

Non-Profit Veteran & Self-Help Industry Leader

This special 'Success Class' is sponsored and designed by former non-profit coordinator / fund raiser, local Christian author, and 10-year veteran of the self-improvement industry, Chris Halbohm, CHt ("The Accessible Expert" and founder of the first state licensed school for hypnosis of it's kind and Colorado Hypnosis).

Especially due to the current economic times, as well as the recent changes in advertising, we are working alongside other community entities and even non-profits to create a culture of giving first, giving most, and giving often in the COS community.

In Chris's new book, he points out this new business ethic and standard - and how it is that people who don't do it will actually get left in the dust of those who show sincere care.

Society no longer tolerates businesses who are not sincere and show it through real community and social responsibility. They will simply stop using those businesses who don't show real and sincere care to the community. "Whitewashing" is not enough - We have to mean it.

Give The Perfect Thing To Show You Care

With this event, you open up the door to many valuable life learnings for your customer, client, or patient.

You will also get the opportunity to share other valuable gift with them:
• Video Trainings
• Special Event Conference Calls
• The Book End Worry And Sleep Well
• Much More

This is just the beginning. We sincerely hope that you join us in this wonderful undertaking.

Why Did We Decide To Do This?

People are seriously needing something new and different.
• These are actually the real skills that people so badly need.
• Since we have done these classes regularly, it's a natural way to get people involved.

• It gives us word-of-mouth awareness as a local small business. Though Chris is a nationally known top trainer in the field, for him to have begun a new practice here at the worst possible time in our economy and with traditional media sinking (newspapers aren't being read much anymore), the appointment book is "as bare as a baby's butt!" - So we need to fill it with public awareness - same as you.
• And, simply... It's fun, fun, FUN

The Email Is Simple & Ready-Made For You To Send

(It's a Sample, But Pretty Close To What You Want

To Send)

With just a few personal adjustments, you will send the following email (or something like it - as you wish).

We can even help you with sending the email. If it's through Facebook, we can give you many tips and methods there, too!

Hi <name> [Best to put their name if you can - If it's through Facebook, you won't be able to - but that's Ok - Just say 'Dear Friend'],

Your wellbeing goes beyond just dental care [or "medical care", or "back alignment", or whatever your office specializes in].

These days, we are facing huge challenges.
• People are feeling tired and unfulfilled
• You may have been having a hard time connecting with your family (or anyone for that matter)
• relationships are suffering from lack of real intimacy
• stress, hassles, etc.

Would you like a solution?
==> 719-590-4077

We have made an arrangement with local Christian author Chris Halbohm, CHt to give you a gratis class on "Success" [or "Faith in Goals", or "Intimacy & Communication For Rewarding Relationships", or whichever one you believe they would most likely benefit from].

This will give you the tools you need for your goals: be they to lose weight, quit smoking, or other personal goals. ...Or, for rewarding relationships or even success at work.

This special class is of no charge to you - It's part of our new initiative, with Chris (relating to his new book on sincerity and success), in the COS area, during these times, toward cooperation for the betterment and improvement of our community.

All you have to do is make sure that you sign up and then show up.
==> Call 719-590-4077

Tell them [Your name / co name…] sent you.

Have fun, and tell us all about it!

[Your sign off & sig]

To Sign Up Today - Call Us Directly At


Colorado Hypnosis is owned and directed by Chris Halbohm, CHt, who's clinics have been the most successful accross the country. His mentor Scott McFall is known for his multiple hypnosis clinics up and down the midwest. The most popular programs are: Lose Weight • Stop Smoking • Reduce Stress • Boost Confidence. We offer a written service guarantee on most programs and a Free Screening to potential clients. Chris is the author of the new book on sincerity, faith, truth, and intimacy in personal goals, rewarding relationships, and business success.



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