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Warning: The problems of the economy and the world are uncertain and they are not going to get any better unless you do something about it... fast.

"Stop Your Job Search! World Class Trainer Decides to Show You the Ropes of How to Create a New Career and Earn Executive-Level Income in the High-Paying and Rewarding Field of Professional Hypnosis For Fun or Profit... Even If You Don't Have a College Degree!"

Whether you want to learn the secret skills of hypnosis and communication skills just for fun, to help your family communicate better, or for an actual career helping others professionally, you've come to the right place. Read on . . .

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Tuesday, 3:37PM

From The Desk of:
Chris Halbohm, CHt, Founder & Author
Kingston Hypnosis, Halbohm Life Skills - Kingston, PA
& Carolina Hypnosis Institute - Asheville, NC

Dear Friend,

Yes. You can make a lot of money while helping people in the personally rewarding field of hypnosis.

There is a good way for you to make money while helping people.

You know, ever since I was young, I've always looked for ways to do things better, faster and easier. And I wondered why more people didn't think that way.

Change happens fast. It doesnt take forever. It's not impossible. No. Change happens fast. It is the nature of everything. You put ice in water, it melts. Our planet gives us seasons. Even you can change... when it's for something important that you get out of it. Things are changeing now faster than ever before.

It's not knowing how to do something or indecision that keeps people stuck.

Have you been looking for a new way to make a living? Are you fed up with your current job? And... You know what they say about a "job" (j.o.b. = "just over broke"). Are you fighting just to make ends meet already, and now those "ends" seem to be slipping farther and farther apart?

Even if you are Ok on money, maybe you simply want something new and different - more fun or fulfilling - to be doing with your life. Maybe you're ready for a real change and one of the select few who sincerely wants to join the family of people in this world who know how to succeed. ...And to help others to succeed at their goals.

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Are you at a point that you have to do something, "or else"?

If you are reading this letter on this internet page, then you probably are suffering from hassles related to your lack of income or the economy and desperately seeking a real and workable way to get more money into your life. You probably also know that there are not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of people who are in a similar situation just like you - heck, people who are seeking jobs these days are "a dime a dozen".

You know that people are faced with:

• Downsizing of companies

Overall unpredictable economy - Yes, even things, people won't tell you to your face.

• New jobs being eliminated almost as fast as they start because of the rapidly-shifting economic climate.

General unhappiness in the workplace (that was there even before the economic slow-down)

Ughh... I hate to even write that list out, because it just plain stinks to have to even think about any of that.

To make matters worse, the way that people have been so irrationally thinking lately, most people are looking for a "free-ride"! How much better do you think life is gonna get for those folks with that attitude!? Not much!

I'm personally very confused that people haven't yet realized that that's an insane way to think. Aren't you!?

To those folks, I say, "well, snap out of it!"

Life-Altering Solution

Have you ever stopped yourself and asked "what the heck am I doing with my life?" Have you ever daydreamed about doing something spectacular with your life? What will it really take for you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment?

One of my favorite movie lines if from the film "American Beauty". Kevin Spacey plays a guy who's lost all interest in anything and his life is dragging. When a young girl captures his attention and makes him want to be a better person, he starts jogging and working out. As one scene opens up, it's a view from the sky, with the camera floating down to the street where he's running. He says, "you know, it's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself."

You absolutely can change your life and the lives of others and make a great living at it.

Awareness And Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

“This helped me to save my company hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

- Sam Yankelovich, Automotive V.P. & Hypnosis Student

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It is not by magic, or by luck, or fraud or cheating people become successful at things. It comes through work and real actions that you can take. It doesn't have to be hard; It can be easy. Nonetheless, it is still by taking action. It is also something they're doing in their mind - how they think about things - that makes all the difference.

Hypnosis Is a Real & Profitable Helping Profession

Professional hypnotists who possess real skill are needed now more than ever before. Increased obesity, stress, the use of tobacco, and a crisis in American schools have created an infinite market for hypnotism services. It could be said that all people would benefit from the knowledge of how to use hypnotism.

The professional career of hypnotism is one of the most effective ways to help people get success. By now, you probably realize that far and away the best way to improve yourself is to begin with your mind and heart. By learning to control and let "flow" your natural, God-given subconscious abilities, you really can become the person you want to be...

...Both as a hypnotist and as a client. Heck, many of our clients love what they are learning so much that they decide to take this training with us.

You Are Supposed To
Make Money WHILE Adding Value to People's Lives

It is a good thing to make a lot of money. Most people don't get this idea; they think that money is bad. But, money can do a lot of good in the right hands... especially in the hands of a healer.

You can only add real value to others once you've taken care of yourself first.

Besides, look at the state of the world today. Money is a necessity, and it is great to have a lot of money.

Not only that, but you know that your your life has the four aspects: physical (taking action), mental, emotional, and spiritual. Money's physical, baby, yeah! They must all be blended.

Just imagine how your life can be different by helping real people to discover and use this God-given ability of hypnosis and self-change! ...And then using that money to do more.

See Yourself In A Hypnotist's Lifestyle

It is true that a hypnotist's lifetyle can afford you many things. Our clinics, when run right, yeild six-figure incomes very easily, making us some of the top earners in the country. Here are just a couple of my toys.



In celebration of the new website in 2006, this rear bumber sign attracts lots of curiousity...


Here are my fortuitously matching Lexus & Suzuki Intruder Motorcycle...

Cousin Logan is really a fan of motorcylces, even at his young age! My new(-to-me!) Suzuki Intruder is one of my favorite ways to cut loose and get out and away. Plus, it's a great way to meet people!

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The Personal Rewards

It really is something when you can help people change their lives. They look to you for many of their answers to their life needs. And their life needs are ongoing.

Can you imagine the personal satisfaction of guiding someone through changing their life and the lives of those around them? When you are helping a mother of three to lose weight, you are also helping those three kids... Now imagine all the people she is able to help be being her new way. It is quite a "ripple effect". They bring you things. They tell their friends about you.

The People ...
The FUN Of Teaching & Speaking!

The people are what make this the most rewarding and fun!

...You get to watch real people experience real results and make genuine changes to their lives!

The use of juggling, jokes, magic tricks and quotes from movies make learning actully fun for attendees...

“It helps put things into perspective. You take control of your own destiny. It has helped my self-confidence grow – I ‘m not afraid to try new things."Brenda Coen

“Genuine tools for genuine success!” J. Luquire

“I can’t wait to use the techniques!”Cynthia Tenny

To see about getting Chris to speak for your group This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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We possess a litteral landslide of real client results just like Sheri - "There are no words to describe how I feel about myself.” – Sheri A. Schaich - from Benton, PA

Who The Heck Am I?
...And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Nobody likes to be told what to do, not you, not me, not anybody. But, if you want real, quality results with live people who will end up respecting you for it, then you need a proven system and a proven trainer. And for that learning to happen, you do have to be capable of make the descerning decision to have kind of a childlike wonder, listen, and follow along - just letting the information in. No overanalyzing, no hassle. Will you agree to just be trained?

So, who am I? And Why should you really pay attention to me?

• I have the experience of having performed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of real, actual client visits with one-on-one, people in my real-live multiple clinics for nearly a decade.

• The first school of it's kind to teach hypnosis was founded by me.

• We (my colleagues and I) are in the top 2% of hypnotists / trainers in the world.

• Ever since I was a kid, I had a vision of a far better world and way of doing things - hence my new books and projects.

• I am trained by Dr. Scott McFall, a legend in his own time, founder of even more clinics than I, known as the "King of the College Show Circuit", and coordinator of IHTI (International Hypnotism Training Institutes).

• I have a proven track record of accomplishing actual results with clients.

• Whenever I have run a full clinic, I have made a six-figure income - seeing about 18 clients in a given day!

• My mind and body have the condtitioned & trained expertise to respond to a client's needs... automatically (without having to think about it) - Nobody's perfect, but this one is kind of a big deal. Yours can be, too.

• We focus on each person with individual care whenever even remotely possible. 

• I have spoken for groups, both public and private, often getting paid from well over $700 to $2,181 per hour.

• And a few other less important but good things to know about me, like that I am very active in my community, serving with the local Lions Club (the service organiazation helping the less fortunate) and serving on my local Mayor & Council Citizens Advisory Commission.

And, We Hypnotists Really Do Know How to Have Fun

Have you ever stopped yourself and asked "what the heck am I doing with my life?" Have you ever daydreamed about doing something spectacular with your life? What will it really take for you to jump in to it?

Chris - Skydiving - Sometimes you gotta just go for it...
Skydiving is actually a great way to teach action-taking.

Chris - Indoor Rock Climbing...

You can do more than you think,
when you put your mind to it.

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More Fun On the Hypnosis "Road"! At a training in Florida, mentor Dr. Scott McFall teaches us how to eat fire... Later that same weekend we tried our hand at flying trapeze!

... Can you imagine a group of about a dozen hypnotists singing kareoke? Though I'm not a huge fan of kareoke, we took our shot at "Love Shack". We were pretty good, I think.


And, of course there's the stage hypnosis shows...

... And, yes, that is real when you see someone "quack like a duck" on those shows, but we are much more classy than that, and much more respectful of the participants - who are really the stars of the show, after all!


"Much Better Life, & They Really Care!"

"This training is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Life for me is so much better, now - Much happier. Everyone here is very trusting, focussed, and willing to do whatever it takes. The hands-on practice helps you to know what you're doing.

It's custom-taylored to each person. Being here forces you to jump into reality. And, it's a safe place to learn.

It's interesting to see people in hypnosis responding. It's made straight-forward and simple.

It makes you see the little things that people do - things most people don't even realize.

The classes are cool and unpredictable. Once we grabbed someone off the street to participate.

There's a lot here. It has helped make my life easier - Relationships with coworkers. I can help people, now. I can apply it to every aspect of my life.

You will easily get more than you came for!

Do it! Don't even think about it. Just do it!"

- Catherin Gallegher, Hypnosis Student


Yes, You Can Be Ethical AND Make Money

Hypnosis is a good way for you to make money while helping people. The professional career of hypnotism is one of the most effective ways to help people get success. By now, you probably realize that far and away the best way to improve yourself is to begin with your mind and heart.

You do realize, don't you?... that the only way you can truly help others is to help yourself first. In order to be resourceful for others, you need to be resourceful yourself.

You know what they say on the airplane about those oxygen masks... If there's a child or person who needs help with theirs, put yours on first! What good are you to anyone if you're passed out yourself, because you didn't do it fast enough.

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Imagine That You Decide to Succeed at This Now...

Practicing hypnotism really is the better choice. Here are a few eye-opening ways:

Now, you can... Help people in a real and meaningful way. People are desparetely needing these resourceful tools.

Now, you can... Be a force for good. Mindful professional hypnotists who compassionately weild these powerful tools are needed more than ever. Obesity, stress, the use of tobacco are on the rise. Even our children are being fed mis-information about how to live their lives!

Now, you can... Be a better resource to your family who needs you. You can't help anyone when you feel like you're hanging on by a thread, yourself. You must feel and be resourceful!

Now, you can... Make your own hours. Once you are running your own business / practice, you call the shots.

Now, you can... Be a role model for dozens or hundreds of people (depending on what level you want to take it). You have the real ... to influence

Now, you can... Improve your own life. What better way to boost your own confidence and other skills than to teach them. What better way to mature faster in your own life than to teach maturity to others.

Now, you can... Have a competitive edge over others in your life (business / work, at home, even friends). These rules and "skills of the savvy" inevitably overflow into other areas of your life, making you a more effective person - period.

And That's Just For Starters!

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But, Chris, Will People Really Pay Me Especially in This Time of Economic Crisis?

Yes. People need this help more than ever. They are in crisis and suffering more than ever. It is true that you will need to care about the people you choose to help, and still, realize that where there's pain, there's money. I've even used it with you in this letter!

Besides, by helping them with their costly undesired behaviors, you are doing them the huge favor of saving them tons of money. Many clients save their fee in the first year of grocery shopping or money save from not buying cigarrettes any more.

Realize that the way we run our business, we have one of the highest profits. With some of the lowest overhead, that makes it very easy to make money. Now, no one can promise you any specific income. It would be rediculous to do so, but it is absolutely easy to see that you can make back your training fee within your first couple of clients. Yes! When you train, you are recieving the excellence necessary to treat real clients who will pay you. And if you use our recommendations, then your training fee is a "drop in the bucket" of what you can make doing this.

Here you are, and here it is, first-hand, straight from a real-live hypnotist who's had a proven track record of documented results right in his very own clinics - Your's Truly. Wouldn't you just love to get in on some of that first-hand information!?

But, What If 've Never Even Been To College,
Or I've Never Done Anything Like This?

Relax. Just about everyone who has ever trained has had that same thought at the beginning.

Even if you don't have a college degree (although you are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent), we will screen you to make sure that you are sincere about wanting to learn this information and skills. And, we will de everything in our power to make sure you are Ok to train.


What Hypnosis Certification Training

This is NOT... some crash course that gives you a one-weekend training, a pat on the back, and a shove out the door. We provide real, approved training and full follow-up to make sure that you are putting to use what you have learned. We also make sure that the training you recieve is compliant with the state in which you recieve it.

This is NOT... just a set of books and videos that leaves you with minimal skills and low confidence. We provide real, hands-on training, at our full-functional facilities, strategically placed nationwide. We make sure that when you're done, you will have the experience necessary to have genuine confidence to do the skills in the real world.

This is NOT... anything religious whatsoever... Duh!

Sure, there are cheap courses out there that will tell you they can give you training and a peice of paper to hang on the wall, but, hey, you get what you pay for.

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You need straight-forward, "down-to-earth" training and experience to get from where you are to becoming a top dog in your area.

It's all as simple as calling for a screening to find out if you will be accepted as a student!

Who Should Really Apply for Clinical or Stage Hypnosis Training:




Looking For A New Career

Just For Fun

Want to Communicate Better With Family

Already In a Helping Profession (eg. Nurse) & Want to Add to Your Skills

Like to Help People

One Training Is All You Need to Get Started

Later on, you will probably want more training and marketing guidance, and that's Ok. We have what you need on that. For now, this one, simple training course contains all the fundamentals that you really do need in order to get started.

Loses 40 lbs. and Decides to
Take the Training

"I lost about 40lbs with Chris… then decided to take his hypnotist training. Fast paced. Now I will be more aware. I know I will be more involved.”

- Tori Barnes, Community Volunteer & Mom & Hypnosis Student

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This Training Covers Everything You Need

Ok, let's get down to the "meat" of this. Here's just some of the amazing secret techniques I want to show you in your training. You'll get to discover:

Hypnosis Certification Training Gives You . . .

Inductions (How to have someone go into hypnosis).

How to subconsciosly build rapport with the people you are trying to help - To guide someone to make a behavior change, they have to trust you. Remember, R.A.P.P.O.R.T => Really All People Prefer Others Resembling Themselves. Only then can you influence others.

Brief History of hypnosis and why you should never tell someone "Oh, it's not like you see on stage."

What hypnosis really is, and what it is NOT.

Discover the single most essential mental attitude to help you find new skills and make real change happen.

Discover your own strategies and notice whether they are working or need a tune up.

A cool little NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) technique that is a great way to deal with your in-laws (or someone else who bothers you, in case you love being with your in-laws).

Some of the Unexpected Benefits of... Improving The Quality of Your Life & Success...!

And Much, MUCH More...

If you want to stop the worrying or change your life while helping others- if you want to truly master what it takes to be a resourceful person who can truly help others, then this might very well be the most important things you'll ever do for yourself.

You need proven expert advice to deliver to you easy steps you can take right now in order to succeed.

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YES. This God-given ability, that is the Christian preferred method of childbirth and has helped thousands upon thousands of people, even celebrities, to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, & build self-confidence -- self-hypnosis -- can be yours through this interesting technique. I don't want you to just be good at it - I want you to MASTER it! And you can. Anyone can do it as long as they are willing to pay attention and follow instructions.

So... by now... you may be realizing it's as easy as making the right decision. Yes, you can decide to get control over your own mind... get into the right "state" of mind for a great night's sleep... and wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Control Your Own Destiny

“It helps put things into perspective. You take control of your own destiny. It has helped my self-confidence grow - I’m not afraid to try new things.”

– Brenda Coen, Hypnosis Student

Quotes From Other Course & Class Participants . . .

“I can’t wait to use the techniques!” - Cynthia Tenny

“Genuine tools for genuine success!” - J. Luquire

“New ideas from many sources.” - Linda Saye

“It’s a blast!” - Mary Bradley

“This was the most enlightening and educational time I’ve spent in a while.”
- Wanda Hinson

“So much more than what I could have imagined.” - Jane Ward

“Entertaining and enlightening!” - Peggy Bierer

“The material is invaluable to provide easier ways to get what I really want.”
- Bette Jo Lowrey

“We’ve learned how easy things can be, and now we know why.” - Carol Marks

“Very resourceful.” - Jan Lipman

“Positive, supportive, fun and energizing opportunities for learning!
I’m glad to be a part of this.” - Anne Gaddy

WARNING!!! - DON't get this training if you don't want blunt honesty about the challenges of your life and how to genuinely solve them. Some of the answers may shock you! It certainly is not for everyone. Only do this if you are sincere about wanting to discover the secrets to living the life you want while helping others to do the same.

Pre-requisits: You must be sincere, want to help people, be Ok with making lots of money (really most people are not Ok with this and cut out for making lots of money - granted, giving your clients what they came for in the first place should come first, and still, you will have to be alright with people handing you hundreds and thousands of dollars at once), HS education, willing to learn (nobody lokes to be told what to do..., but it is the only way this training really will work for you).

This Training May Change At Any Time
Without Any Notice to You

We've worked very diligently for years to put together this training package. I could easily charge $10,000... $40,000... heck even $70,000 for it.

This training gives you the powerful tools and skills you need. I'm "spilling the beans" about a skill set of little-known secrets.

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But, I warn you!... you must use it well. If you use these techniques for anything other than good for yourself and others, it will come back and bite you in the end. I didn't make that up - It's just the way it is! For sure.


Plus, you'll get these unexpected benefits!:

Major hints about the concepts that are taught as 'Laws of the Mind' or 'Laws of the Universe' that have captured the minds and imaginations of individuals across the country and around the world. These ideas that are taught in movies such as "The Secret", books like "The Celestine Prophecy", and from speakers such as Deepak Chopra - while much of it is very useful and true - are missing key pieces and must be approached with extreme caution and care and used properly.

Other tips and tricks that you can do with your mind. Tips on hypnosis and suggestion to apply to other areas of your life, too.

Become a better person in your own life. The best way to grow and learn is to practice helping other people to grow and learn!

Learn how to communicate with your family better. You will learn about family politics and the control dramas that individuals play.


NEWSFLASH - This information is priceless and fleeting!

• Chris regularly gets paid hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour for his time. 

• In fact, Chris recently *sold out* a "Laws of The Mind" training where he taught curious people, just like you, only the very basics of how the mind works in order for attendees to achieve their goals - whatever they are. Chris charged $177 per person to let these folks in on his proven secrets!

• Chris has spoken for groups, both public and private, often getting paid from well over $700 to $2,181 per hour.

As mentioned above, this special offer may be removed at any time!

Just in time for the crisis... And just in time to give you the power you need to accomplish those long-put-off things you've been wanting to get done.

But Wait... There's More!

Act NOW And Receive ALL Of These FOUR Extra Bonuses
FREE With Your Order:

-- Bonuses to be announced --


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You Must Be Sincere
& You Must Be Ethical

NOW, let me say this… We have put a lot of time, energy, and research money into developing this training… (and I know it works because the students I train have great things to say about it transforming their lives).

I only want to do business with and help real, honest, and good people who are sincere and who will use the training ethically.

Most people don't know how to take responsibility for themselves and their changes. I despise people who don’t use it properly, and then whine like a 2-year-old. People like that will never get anywhere in life, and I don’t want them a part of this either. If this describes you, please don’t contact me.

I’m looking for sincere individuals who truly want to build a better life and are willing to make a good deal with me.

Got 2 New Contracts & 3 Very High-Dollar Prospects

“Before, I was desperate and defensive. Chris gave me the confidence I needed to overcome destructive attitudes that hindered my success. I have better rapport with my prospects so they are opening up to me more, and I’m able to get more information from them.

Since training with Chris, I’ve signed 2 new contracts and 3 more new very high-dollar prospects for next year. I would not want my direct competitors to have this information.”

- Joan Freeman, Sales Rep & Hypnosis Student


Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this deal.


Ensure Yourself! - Do not buy any hypnosis training system unless it meets the following criteria:

1) Shows you the exact structure to:
attract clients, have them believe you and trust you, provide real results for them, have them coming back for more and sending you more people as referrals...

2) Possesses the proven track record of successful people as well as income.

3) Gives you the opportunity to work hands-on with real, live clients in a real-world environment... so that you know you can do it.

4) Teaches the right curriculum in the right order so that you truly grasp your training and so that your clients really do respond well.


5) Provides real, thorough follow-up to make sure you're getting the most out of it and succeeding.

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Kingston Hypnosis provides complete hypnotism career education. Upon course completion, the graduate shall possess the skills needed to participate in this fascinating profession. In addition, Kingston Hypnosis is committed to the distribution of the ultimate practice, management, and marketing training in the industry. Our philosophy is that a vocational choice should enrich the lives of our students as well as their future clients. This life enrichment includes financial, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth.

Kingston Hypnosis courses have been developed to maximize our student’s ability to run an independent practice in hypnotism.

If you are accepted as a student, you will be scheduled for training according to your schedule and the schedules of your instructor and other students.


To Your Success,

Chris Halbohm, Certified Hypnotist
the "Accessible Expert"
School Founder & Author, "End Worry & Sleep Well"

P.S. If you're fed up with the concerns of the day and the world, then decide to notice that you have to get control of your mind... You have to build your tool kit of skills and use them.

P.P.S. Do it NOW - Don't wait another second! The real question is will you be on your road to success, or suffering the pain of inaction like most other people will.

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