Personal Coaching to

Get The Goals of Your Business, Company, or Career

In a Sure Fire Way

Powerfully make sure that you get your goals for real and with certainty.

Seasoned hypnotist and life change expert at your fingertips.

Have the competitive edge.

The imperitives of productivity.

How to get control of your people.

Much more.

Using advanced strategies of NLP, hypnosis, motivation, and coaching / consulting to
design you the way you need to be in order to get your goals.
On occasion, training for your people may be included.

Your coaching program is custom and personalized to you specifically.
Together, we decide what steps and then specific changes need to be made in order for you to grow yourself to the next level.

* This is intended for extremely high-end outcomes design.

You may call for a free 15-minute consult.

$47,777 for one full year - Subject to acceptance as a client and terms
Instant purchase not available on this package.

Please Feel Free To Call - 570-406-7669

18 Pierce St - Ste 202, Kingston, PA 18704 • Phone: 570-331-3040
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