Hire Chris for Private Consulting or Coaching

for Both Business and Personal Areas...

• Motivation

• Relationships

• Personal Life Skills (Habits, Sleep, Goals, Etc.)

• Communication Skills

• Corporate Productivity, Sales Performance, Employee Morale, Etc.

• Prayer

• Advertising


Private consulting or personal coaching may be offered on an individual (one-on-one) basis - depending on your need or topic - or may be done offered as a program or predetermined set of training modules such as specific videos & tutorials, live and recorded audios, conference calls, exclusive special reports, etc. Consulting / coaching also usually includes phone and/or email support.

For the executive client who wants to get the most out of his or her experience with Chris, it is best to get set up with internet video (such as that offered by Skype or Mac).

For the following, please follow the instructions ajacent to each choice:

"Having Faith In Crisis"
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"Getting Things Done"
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"The Raw Truth of How To Handle & Relate To Your People..."
For Leaders:
World, Government Leaders; CEO's/Exectuives; Trainers; Teachers
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"Stop Messing Around & Get Your New Year's Resolution Goal - Once and For All"
(For anyone who is fed up with trying and failing and who is sincere about getting your goal... Really...)
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General, custom one-on-one coaching/consulting in business or for personal, please fill out this screening/application form and you will be contacted...

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