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Stage Hypnosis
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Especially for those delicate corporate accounts, you can rest assured that Chris's professional stage shows deliver a safe & tasteful, yet fun & intriguing experience. The “Worry-Free Pretalk” puts attendees at ease and makes them eager to participate!

Give them what they want! Get more REPEAT clients!

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Invigorating, lively & fun. - Carol M.

I would highly recommend attending it! Lucia Bechdel

Professionally run. - Patsy C.

Your enthusiasm … was clearly absorbed by the participants. Dr. Geri Fee

A great experience. A lot of fun!
Bernice R .

Progressing at a fast pace. - Tori Barnes

Entertaining! - Peggy Bierer

His demonstrations, using members of the audience, were effective. Dick Burnon

Much enthusiasm! So upbeat. - Bill G .






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When it’s delivered well, it’s a very special, remembered event.

…They’ll THANK YOU for a show well worth while!

Discover cutting edge SHOW DESIGN,
delivering safe intrigue and fun!

typical routines are usually as follows:
• Progressive relaxation induction
• Heat suggestions
• Cold suggestions
• Funny, sad, scary movie routine
• Drunk Routine
• Bad Smell Routine
• Split, single suggestions routine:
• number anesthesia, pinch
• Horse Track
• Bird on Hand
• Rock Star
• Gone Fishing
• Naked Routine
• Post Hypnotic Suggestions
• "Awakening" the Participants

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“We believe that we offer the best services available, the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle. Here’s why . . .”

Our brief & informative, yet intriguing monologue on hypnosis puts attendees TRULY at ease and WANTING to participate. By the event’s end, they can feel proud that they were the stars of the show.

Our in-depth experience in hypnosis delivers a fun, safe, and unique experience sure to be remembered.

You are a busy person. Our staff is cooperative and will work with you to the best of our ability on whatever your special needs may be. We even offer possible Group & Tour Rates.

Why Chris Halbohm?...
• Chris has the experience of having performed thousands upon thousands of real, actual client visits with one-on-one, people in his real-live multiple clinics for nearly a decade. He has the exemplary experience of watching and reading people's subconscious cues and, so, is the best assurance of a safe, effective, and fun show!

• He and his colleagues are in the top 2% of hypnotists / trainers in the world.

• He is trained by Dr. Scott McFall, a legend in his own time (founder of even more clinics than Chris) known as the "King of the College Show Circuit".

• There is focus on each person with individual care whenever even remotely possible.

• Chris is also very active in his community, serving with the local Lions Club (the service organization helping the less fortunate) and serving on his local Mayor & Council Citizens Advisory Commission.

Who Is Chris? -- Bio

Chris Halbohm, CHt grew up in a small suburb in the United States. Ever since he was young, Chris has been fascinated with laws of the mind - always knowing that there was "something more".

Chris, now known as the "Accessible Expert", is a certified hypnotist and has founded several leading-edge hypnosis / weight loss centers with abundant local testimonials due to the fun yet structured, proper presentation of hypnosis.

Christopher Halbohm is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey and holds a bachelor of science degree in psychology with minors in both biology and philosophy and has been the recipient of several awards.

He is the founder of Carolina Hypnosis Institute, the first school of its kind in the world, today.
These centers are some of the most successful in existence and provide real-world experience to both clients and students, with hands-on learning at every phase.

Chris is party to authoring several books, including End Worry & Sleep Well.

As a certified member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and certified member of and faculty member and presenter for the National Guild of Hypnotists (the top two organizations for hypnosis in the world), Chris now certifies others to earn executive level income in the high-paying and rewarding profession of hypnosis at his clinics / schools and now lives what he calls an "Adventurous Hypnotist Lifestyle".

Chris has made his life's work of possibility and change and now trains under Dr. Scott McFall, a legend in his own time as a clinician and known as the "King of the College Show Circuit.

Chris is a professional speaker and is known best for his ability to work with groups and - as he is a movie buff - to use quotes and scenes from movies to illustrate points. He also offers his skills in ethical, yet fun stage hypnosis performance and has been commissioned to lecture for a variety of types of groups, both public and private.

Topics are delivered in a fun and down-to-earth environment that makes it easy to remember information. Wherever appropriate, Chris often uses magic and illusions, juggling, and other props and demonstrations in a fun yet professional manner.

He is also very involved in his community as a member of Lions Clubs International, teaching at the local community college, and serving on the Mayor and Council's Citizen Advisory Commission.

Special "All-Travel-Expenses-Included" fee packages are available.

You may inquire about Chris's availability for speaking, training, stage performance, or personal coaching services. Please call 719-357-1737 or 719-590-4077.


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