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Families And Parishes Face Many Problems Today

• People today are disconnected, alone, and hurting – wanting badly to communicate & connect.
• suffering from entitlement thinking – they are unfulfilled, stressed, unfocussed in their goals, confused, depressed, and even just bored.
• People are no longer as sincerely interested – or even trusting - as they could be (in each other, in God and the church,… even themselves)
• Family values are suffering (at the core, if not on the surface) – Fewer and fewer parents are knowing how to communicate with their kids, let alone teach and mature them well.
• Prayer is often taken for granted - Do we really mean it, or are we just saying the words?…
• People say one thing but do another.
• Are we really, daily aware of the ‘glue’ that holds us and the church together?
• Quality people are needed all the more these days in order to ensure the strength and livelihood of the parish.

The Solution Is God...

In the Thrive Truth Encounters, we will reveal the simple yet necessary basics of a good life in Christ. Parishioners are shown how to implement them – make them real in their daily lives – not just go home and “forget the sermon” – but really experience it.
Most of us have no idea how great God’s Grace is… and still, we are called to live with it joyously and abundantly - and with it, to make our lives the best they can be.

This shows people how, by having gratitude, humility, and coming back to God, you can have everything you want and need… and more… - Though we’re not using hypnosis so much per se in these workshops, all the topics and techniques we use are called into play in order to make us better people – what God really wants.
In a fun group environment - small or large – the participants (just as it is at the hypnosis center) will take full responsibility for their life in Faith.

“It’s a blast!” – Mary Bradley
“It helps put things into perspective. You take control of your own destiny. It has helped my self-confidence grow – I‘m not afraid to try new things.
Brenda Coen

"I gained the confidence to get a better job" - Marty Sutton
“So much more than I could have imagined.” – Jane Ward

Even in matters of straight-forward practicality...
"This helped save my company hundreds of thousands of dollars" - Sam Y., Automotive V.P.
“Positive, supportive, fun, and energizing! I’m glad to be a part of this program.” – Anne Gaddy

What They Will Get To Learn

3 Modules...

Module 1 - Faith, Sincerity, Intimacy, & Real

Communication Skills For Rewarding Relationships

• How to know what you want - and “Dovetail Outcomes” so that you can experience true mutual benefit with God.
• How to heal & repair fizzled relationships and add back in intrigue, romance, and the bigger concept of life in Christ.
• The true meaning of intimacy & Why God wants us to have it
• The 4 patterns people use to avoid leveling and honesty – that keep them far from peace.
• The family dynamics that work and don’t work for unity…
• If we are truly seeking God, then we are always accepted…
• Focus on “enoughness”… not on being perfect.

Module 2 -

Grace, Faith, & Respect To Get Your Personal Goals

• A true path and picture painted of what God really is and the bounty that is meant for all of us.
• How to want to do God’s will - This, only a trained expert in the use of NLP and autonomic nervous system responses can show you.
• Real-time training on how to feel a real connection with God and faith – in your body – not just talk about it.
• God is good – and wants the best for us – There is a “Best You”, and He wants it from you…
• There is always a solution if you’re looking at the picture big enough.
• Sometimes there is such a thing as what is “Right”.
• We are all One and in this together.
• We come to God by doing as He wills us – and His will is goooood, baby!

Module 3 - Sincerity & Truth For Business Success

• The new socio-economic market will only support businesses who subscribe to quality ethics, standards, and sincerity.
• How to refurbish customer service in any organization, non-profit, or business
• Develop loyalty from clients / patrons
• All good things come from God - & Faith, Hope, Love, Respect, Belief, Etc. are at the center of the good life.
• The only way to God’s kingdom is through Respect of Wonder (like a child). Most of the world has almost totally forgotten this, with entitlement mentality and self-sorting rather than honoring hard work and then true charity and real faith.
Ongoing Classes & Meetings as Desired…
• We will give participants a chance to explore further training in these skills and awarenesses with ongoing curricula
• Experientials, practice groups, home assignments, etc.

What Others Are Saying...

“Both informative and interesting as was evidenced by the participation of the individuals... Your enthusiasm...was clearly absorbed by the participants!”- Geraldine Fee, PhD, Neurology Group

“Thank you for your very generous support... If at any time we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact our office.” - Kristi Baugh - Director of Special Events

“The programs were well attended, and the attendees have many positive comments about the events. His demonstrations were effective.” - Dick Burnon - Head of Adult Programming

Chris Halbohm, CHt

• Christian Author • Consultant • Trainer • Professional Speaker
• School Founder • Over a Decade of Proven Results

With Stephen Covey, Best-Selling Author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Mission Possible also co-authored by Chris’s mentor Dr. Scott McFall

Known as the “Accessible Expert” in the area and 10-year veteran of the self-improvement industry, Chris was born in a suburb of the United States, Christian. Always knowing that there was "something more”. In his new book, Chris is the first to re-connect the vast view of the self-improvement industry & laws of the mind with sincerity, respect, and Faith and to re-introduce Christianity as necessary in the new business climate, for individuals' personal goals, as well as to have rewarding relationships.

He is the founder of the first school of its kind in the country. Chris is an ordained minister, Lions Club member, and Sunday school teacher. He is a master trainer in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and has the expert experience needed to “read” and help influence in order to help people to cause change in their own lives.

Chris enjoys working with and speaking for groups in a fun yet down-to-earth delivery. His approach offers easy answers to life’s questions and, more importantly, people feel that someone actually cares.

A top hypnosis and NLP (subconscious communication) trainer (top 2 percentile worldwide), he has helped people with every kind of life crisis, from dealing with the loss of a loved one, to restructuring finances, losing painful weight, and enlivening relationships.  With these real-world experiences coaching clients one-on-one in his prestigious clinics across the country he has actually getting to see the results even years later.  He has appeared on television many times and has been a regular in other media - radio and print/newspapers.  Chris also performs hypnosis stage shows.  He has been sought by many different professional organizations, both public and private, to speak and to lead members through addressing challenges.

Colorado Hypnosis is owned and directed by Chris Halbohm, CHt, who's clinics have been the most successful accross the country. His mentor Scott McFall is known for his multiple hypnosis clinics up and down the midwest. The most popular programs are: Lose Weight • Stop Smoking • Reduce Stress • Boost Confidence. We offer a written service guarantee on most programs and a Free Screening to potential clients.


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Why Did We Decide To Do This? 

• People are seriously needing a real way to connect with God and truly realize what that means. The troubles of the day have certainly clouded many's view, and these tools are prooven to help re-connect us.
• It gives us word-of-mouth awareness as a local small business. Though Chris is a nationally known top trainer in the field, for him to have begun a new practice here at the worst possible time in our economy and with traditional media sinking (newspapers aren't being read much anymore), the appointment book is "as bare as a baby's butt!" - So we need to fill it with public awareness - same as you.
• Obviously, this is Chris's passion and with his exceptionally one-of-a-kind experience he is very, very good at painting the picture of Faith and connectedness with God for people.

• And, simply... It's FUN.

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